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Current Volunteer Tasks

last updated December 11

If you would like to help with the 50th Birthday Gala Concert, please look at this list and see where you might be willing to help. If you want to do something, in most cases, call Michael:

(802) 229-0984 if you need to speak with him
(802) 223-8430 if you just want to leave a message for him, no conversation

Help Michael with some needs getting ready for an upcoming postcard mailing (reading and/or some typing)
Someone who can drive Michael to the Montpelier post office at end of a workday (counter closes at 5:30 pm
Someone who can drive Michael to photocopy shop downtown, frequently on short notice
Someone willing to be responsible for mailing out tickets mail-ordered through our web-page
Looking for someone to coordinate the two dinners being served the orchestra Friday January 4 and Saturday January 5 at Christ Church
People to tape together music produced by Michael from his computer
Help Michael communicate by e-mail and phone with specific orchestra musicians
Farmers Market December 1 and 15 - people needed to staff table to promote and sell advance tickets
Approach First Night Montpelier - could we pass out flyers (also First Night Burlington classical site)
Someone to work with Michael and graphic designer Cyndi Ryan to make newspaper ads
If you are or know someone who might donate graphic design services ...
For our web-page, might be nice to have a page listing local lodging options (or link to a page on the web that already exists
Do you know, or can help Michael approach, any of the following media to ask them to do a profile piece for the 50th birthday gala: Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition show, Fran Stoddard’s show Profile, Burlington Free Press, Boston Globe, Vermont Magazine, Vermont Life, Vermont television stations
Do you know what the Vermont online news and arts sites are? Let us know.
Writing press releases
Help with producing labels from Michael’s mailing list and doing a mailing
Stage manager (backstage coordinator) for rehearsals and concert
House manager - front of house (managing issues with audience, ushers)
Help Michael with inputting and correcting notes on his computer (all that is needed is ability to read music and work a computer mouse)
Help proofread music Michael prints out
Someone to assist Michael who is comfortable reading orchestral scores
Need help approaching WCVT regarding if they would be a media sponsor
Need help approaching Times-Argus regarding if they would be a media sponsor

Do you know anyone at a local business who might help make a contribution to the concert? Marci Young is our coordinator for business fundraising, hundredrides at yahoo.com
Help make food for orchestra musicians dinners Friday and Saturday January 4 and 5 (and/or solicit local food donations)
Host an orchestra musician weekend of concert, and/or help find other host homes
Hospitality coordinator
Postering within one hour drive of Montpelier
Stage crew for weekend of concert (Friday, Saturday, Sunday January 4, 5, and 6)
Ushers needed for the concert itself
Transportation assistance for performers and audience who need help getting to the concert
Might possibly need to rent chairs for the orchestra musicians - need help researching where to do this and best type of chairs (Vermont College chairs in College Hall the perfect type - would they loan or rent out? need about 60)
Need to think about lighting, especially of stage extension
Need to find out if auditorium is lockable on weekend
Will need some large vehicles to move percussion instruments weekend of concert (maybe ask Kim Bent about Lost Nation Theater cargo van)
We will need six volunteers to assist Steinway dealer bringing in rented concert grand piano Friday January 4 9 am and loading back onto his truck after the concert on Sunday afternoon January 6 (takes 30 minutes or less)
If you know an individual you think might make a contribution, ask them, point them to our web-page, or let us know their name and address and we’ll mail them one of our fundraising appeals
Know anyone in a service organization such as the Montpelier Rotary Club? Perhaps they would make a charitable contribution to this event.