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Latin American Classics

Michael Arnowitt performs a colorful program of classical music from and about Latin America. Featured are compositions by Villa-Lobos of Brazil, Ginastera and Castro of Argentina, and Nancarrow of Mexico, plus two works by composers of other countries inspired by their travels to the region: Darius Milhaud's delightful "Saudades do Brazil" and Aaron Copland's "El Salon Mexico," transcribed for piano by Leonard Bernstein.

Come hear the music of Latin America, full of broad melodies, haunting sonorities, and exciting rhythms.

From a recent review of this program by The Rheinische Post of Dusseldorf, Germany:

"Arnowitt played with a striking virtuosity ... the pianist had deeply internalized the soul and spirit of Latin America, offering a comprehensive performance of the Spanish and Portuguese philosophy of life. From the vastness of the Argentine pampas to the soul of Brazil to the rich tradition of the tango, the passionate musician played with intense feeling ... Arnowitt told the story of a continent through words and music."


Heitor Villa-Lobos -- Alma Brasileira (Choros #5)
     Senhora Dona Sancha (Cirandas #3)
     Caixinha de Musica Quebrada (The Broken Little Music Box)
     Impressoes Seresteiras (Ciclo Brasileiro #2)
     O Cravo Brigou com a Rosa (Cirandas #4)
Allen Shawn -- Tango
Alberto Ginastera -- Sonata No. 1

-- intermission --

Darius Milhaud -- selections from Saudades do Brazil
Conlon Nancarrow -- Tango?
Juan Jose Castro -- Corales Criollos #1
Aaron Copland -- El Salon Mexico (transcribed for piano by Leonard Bernstein)

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