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Pianist Michael Arnowitt to tour eastern Asia in April-May 2017

The American pianist Michael Arnowitt will be doing a major performance tour of eastern Asia countries for the entire months of April and May of 2017.

The countries in that region he is most interested in including on this concert tour are Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

On this tour Michael Arnowitt will be offering hosts in these countries performances of classical or jazz music. In addition to performing piano concerts by himself, he will have his entire jazz quartet from America with him for part of the tour (trombone, piano, bass, and drums).

Here are some of the possible music performances he can offer on this tour:
- Classical piano program of Beethoven's last three piano sonatas (numbers 30, 31, and 32), these pieces written near the end of Beethoven’s life are felt by many to be some of the finest and most spiritual pieces of music ever composed
- classical piano program of Chopin’s 24 Preludes
- he can perform a classical piano concerto with a local orchestra
- For jazz, he can perform a special program of his “Jazz Suite from West Side Story”, jazz versions Michael Arnowitt has made of nine songs from Leonard Bernstein’s musical West Side Story, made famous around the world by the movie of the same name.
- Also possible is a performance with a combination of some classical music and some jazz, if that is preferable.
- As a composer, he has a classical piece “Haiku Textures” for three cello soloists and orchestra, and a new composition “Sound Essence” for jazz quartet and gamelan (Indonesian percussion orchestra); if there is a gamelan group locally willing to learn the composition, they could perform it together with Michael Arnowitt’s jazz quartet

Michael Arnowitt web-site: http://www.mapiano.com
Michael Arnowitt biography (profile): http://www.mapiano.com/bio.htm

If anyone can help connect Michael Arnowitt with a person, group, school, organization, or performance place that might be interested in hosting one of his piano performances, he would be most grateful for your help. A performance can be public or for a private group, either way is fine.


Michael Arnowitt

Montpelier, Vermont (USA)
e-mail: MA@MAPiano.com
web-site: www.MAPiano.com
telephone voice: (+1) 802-229-0984
mobile or texting: (+1) 802-498-3955